a journey to my own self


You may run from every fear that scares you
Hide deep inside the marvellous caves of happiness shield which you fake to be true
But how far can you run from your ownself
When your soul screams aloud every time your tears fall
When your days are miserable and nights haunting
That’s what becomes your life overall
And you are trapped in labyrinth which has loops never ending
Thoughts that lead to a conclusion lead to some more
Which keeps on tracing that loopy core
But one thing for sure you can do
Only saviour left out to save yourself is your ownself out of all the blues
You need to beckon your inner strength and get back on the saddle
Between your demons and your inner soul that’s your ultimate battle
You are the enemy and you yourself are the leader
You have the sword in your hands which aims at you and yourself are the saviour meant for pleader
It’s you who has the power to control your destiny
And make your inner demons fall down
Feed your soul with the eternity and happiness all around
Come out of the scorching hopeless clouds
And clear your shades to see the world with a whole new way
Where you are your own sunshine on all gloomy days…
Coz you are the author of your own story
It’s not just a battle or a matter of glory
It’s that chance to mould your strength and set yourself out of doubting shackles free
and heal your heart to be what you always wanted to be…

soumya nayak





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