Become a Seller

Become an authorised seller on The Paramount Mastery .We will ensure that you should get everything.

With no deposit cost , minimum margin.

Our Priorities

We want you to produce best quality goods and get good returns with customer satisfaction.

  • Your goods should be unique or should be from different brand.

  • Your stores should be accessible to our delivery partners.

  • You must have access to communication technologies (Phone Calls & Whatsapp)

  • You must have a registered store

  • Food stores should have FSSAI Number

  • Food store kitchens should be hygienic and clean.

Violation & Actions

If any of the norms will be violated by the store owners then strict actions will be taken 

against the store.

  • Actions will be legal

  • Delist of stores

  • And a report will be send to the Ministry of Labour & Employment.

How to apply

Fill the Form given below