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2020 Industries in a nutshell

It has been seven months of the deadly pandemic and in this period everyone came to knew about the real essence of Life. And in this period most of the people lost their jobs due to lockdowns and strict precautionary measures. In this pandemic most of the business wiped off but some survived. Here are some of the major industries which are struggling to survive

• Victoria's Secret declared bankruptcy.

• Zara closed 1200 stores.

• Chanel, Hermes and Rolex have stopped production.

• Nike is getting ready for stage two of layoffs.

• AirBnb founder says that due to the pandemic, 12 years of effort were destroyed in 6 weeks.

• Starbucks announced the permanent closure of 400 stores.

And the list continues...

Economy is the major problem of the nations right now, whether it will be recovered or not.

Hope The Pandemic Ends soon and everything gets back on track.