Difference between Boys locker room (Instagram group) and Snapchat group


Parul dwivedi

In this group, more then 100 member have been present. Each boy is an age of 7-18.In criminal language, all member are juvenile. Most of them from South Delhi.
Juvenile means if the child below the age of 18 years committed any wrong or crime.
First of all, I want to clear that the case named as boys locker room and that snapchat screenshot each are different, however in the present generation that heart wrenching work done by the young scholar....Inside the boys locker room all the boys are juvenile however they shared a nudes, porn etc. and also shared a private photos of underage girls, body shaming and slut shaming them. In that organization, even beside all that component they create a group for talking horrific issue, they were planning about the rape, Many feminist have been come forward when that issue got limelight.....They said that every boys are committed wrong and given many statements approximately for all that boys. Even the police inspector also arrested the group admin and 2 boys under the provision of the IT act 2000 and also charge them under the POCSO act 2012 ( Protection of children from sexual offence act 2012 ).
They also committed a crime under section 66(E), 67(A), 67(B), 14 and 15, 354(C) IPC, 354(D) IPC. After that incident ,many boys also left that instagram group to save themselves from that matter…..That all abut the boys locker room. More than 24 boys are also inspected by a police officers till now.
 66(E) – Violation of Privacy / sharing a picture of private area of any person without his/her consent.{Imprisonment up to 3 years or compensation up to 2 lakhs}.
 67(A) – IT act of Transmitting sexually implicit material.{Imprisonment upto 5 years or compensation up to 10 lakhs}
 67(B) –IT act of Transmitting sexually implicit material depicting a child {Imprisonment up to 5 years or compensation up to 10 lakhs}
 354(C), IPC – Voyeurism / Same as sec. 66(E) of the IT act.{ Imprisonment up to 3-7 years}
 354(D), IPC – Stalking / monitoring the use by the women in the Internet, hacking the girls in social media and collecting their photos from social media. {Imprisonment up to 3 years and fine}

 14 and 15 – POCSO act 2012 of child pornography {Imprisonment of 5 years and more and a fine under sec. 14 and Imprisonment of up to 3 years and a fine under sec.15}.
Now we're going to speak abut that snapchat screenshot.....That chat was individual to individual means chat between the two person...The boy name Siddhartha was discussing abut the rape or a gang rape however 2nd boy refused to do all that wrong things. In a good faith, he send that snapchat screenshot to that girl about whom that boy named Siddhartha was discussing, also send it to his best friend...That freind posted that screenshot on their insta tale by which that got viral however after the lot of inspection the truth observed by the cyber crime police that the boy named Siddhartha was the girl who started all that issue on snapchat. She simply want to test that boy.....She was discussing abut their own rape. Her first guilty or crime was to create a fake ID on social media under the tort regulation or civil law and second crime is to provoke that boy to rape the girl. Police leave that girl, they stated that she is juvenile and we can't file any case against her.... After that incident I think all the feminist are really same as Neha Dhupia, I think they also think that creating a fake id or provoking someone for wrong thing like rape is her choice.
At that time not even a single or one feminist was their to stated that it is wrong...If you punished a boys of the group of boys locker room for the same crime so that you must punished that girl also....I m not a feminist and I m also no longer assisting that boys but crime is crime and the punishment is same for each either it is boys or it is girls. I m also a girl and additionally a law scholar ....I can't understand how can a girl discussing abut their own rape.... It is ridiculous...And at last, I just want to say that both are same in the eyes of law....Law in no way makes or create any distinction between the boy and girl.....So they both should be punished, that boys from the boys locker room to committed all that crime under the section( given as above)or also under the civil law and that female for making a faux identification and additionally for provoking someone to rape....





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