Millennials: Are they Inflaming the Gender War?



The Millennials are very well aware of their rights and are always found to be raising their voice to protect them. They are 100% intolerant towards any instance of injustice in society. This is what differentiates them from the past generations who were not much involved in such issues. The main focus for the Millennials is to bring about a transformation in some of the former morals and value system in the society which they consider to be unjust and inappropriate in various regards. The catch here is that, while transforming society sometimes they start promoting the former norms and values which they themselves want to change.
They start criticizing the instances of injustice and wrong behaviour by promoting the former inappropriate systems.


Such instances come off unconsciously. The best example visible is in most of the families today we talk about equal contribution in household works which is rarely being followed and cherished by all the family members. All of such instances are a result of ignorance and a lack of proper understanding of values that one stands for.


In such a scenario another question that arises is whether the gender war is being emphasized unconsciously by the Millennials. This is quite visible in various recent social media campaigns. The most recent one is the boy's locker room incident. Since the incident has been reported on Instagram it has led to huge criticism and has been a part of most trending hashtags over twitter. This criticism is much needed and also helps to raise awareness on such issues and helps to curb the mindset which objectifies any gender. But what went wrong here is that this incident has led to waging wars between the two different genders. This was supposed to be a campaign against the right and wrong value system but has turned into a war against the men and the women. Many people have started to believe that all men are the same. Most of the stories in this context highlight the words girls, women, boys, men, etc. Such posts or stories blindly ignore the fact that no particular gender should be criticized in this context as such acts are performed by both the genders. Thus, pointing out the particular gender is wrong in this context, what actually needs to be pointed out is the wrong value system.


Also, a girl's locker room was made with the clear idea of revenge, then what's the difference between both the acts? Such acts defeat the aim of such campaigns and also clearly shift the main focus of campaigns to something that is clearly inappropriate and also develops a feeling of hatred in society. We are talking about equality and right values but at the same time, we are simply doing injustice with all other men who respect and consider women equal from the bottom of their hearts. It is well said that you can't judge a book by its cover, so why to judge all the men based on acts done by some of them. Also, equality can never coexist with inequality.

Both men and women face such abuses in their life. Some of them talk about it and some don't. Especially men find it too hard to come up and talk about such issues as they are supposed to be strong enough and not to present their emotional self. Probably this is the reason why we see fewer instances where a man is a victim. This leads to the idea of diversion that women’s are the major victims in society. Such diversions are unconscious acts and are never intended and is a result of the value system in which all of us are brought up. But these small diversions can further lead to some huge changes in the value system
which we stand for. This would further destroy the aim of transforming the former value system into a better one and would inflame a huge gender war and hatred. There is an urgent need to notice such issues that coexist with the transformation process and to make sure that the things that we are presenting over social media and other platforms are clearly what we intend for, and no unintended hatred arises. Because there is already a lot of hatred around us to co-exist with.





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