10 lockdown heroes other than doctors,bankers and police force who went unnoticed

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Day before yesterday, the armed forces of India paid tribute to the corona warriors by showering petals on hospitals dedicated to treatment of COVID-19 from helicopters, illuminating naval vessels and by laying a wreath on a police memorial. It came after the announcement was made by CDS Bipin Rawat on friday , after the plan was finalised in a meeting chaired by defense minister Rajnath singh on the same day.

Doctors and police force have become a subject which are receiving huge amounts of applause and spasmodic appreciation,let alone PPEs, from netizens , as well as our leaders.

I don't mean to demean anyone’s profession , his work and his contribution. Well, I just here tend to explore some sections of society whose work went somewhere unnoticed and to whom credit, this nation-wide lockdown was made cordial to some extent for all of us except few , and you could share the tag of #stayhomestaysafe.


1.Electricity board


Whatever device you are holding or using to read this, either runs on electricity or is charged by it. See, neither Iam an engineer nor I hold an expertise on the modus operandi in this regard. But, I’m aware of the fact that there are workers involved , who unlike most of us are going to work everyday despite lockdown, putting a risk in their ,as well their family’s health, ensuring us adequate supply of electricity with intermittent cuts. Likewise for water board workers.


2. Coal, power and steel


The Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA),1981 which also has corresponding state ESMAs list “(xii) any service in any establishment or undertaking dealing with production, supply, or distribution of coal, power, steel  or fertilizers” as an essential service. The steel ministry and companies like JSL & CIL have relied on this law to keep their operations going on this time. Aforementioned electricity board comes under the blanket of this law, but the picture’s a bit different between the former and the latter.

You may get convinced enough to praise & express your gratitude towards them. You may feel empathetic and have a gust of indebtedness towards them after reading what follows -- These sectors are kept running by thousands of workers and daily labourers, largely adivasi and dalit, who are compelled to report to work at grave risk to their own health & well being & that of their families & village communities. Masks and sanitizers meant to protect workers from COVID-19 are far from enough to tackle occupational risks related to these industrial & mining operations.


Workers are having to bear the wrath of police stationed to restrict public movement & village nakabandi  barricades to come to work.

Moreover, although, the prohibition Order No. F  4133/Home-c/2018 on “refusal to work” for essential services doesn’t include mining work, contractors and employers have reportedly threatened to cut wages or fire workers who stay at home. Truck drivers carrying coal and other goods are stranded at various places without food as the roadside dhabas are shut.

These are some of the exercable conditions, they are going through at a time when the nation is gripped by a pandemic.


3. NGOs


Everyone must have been quite aware of the commendable work  being carried out by NGOs during this difficult time.

According to a reply submitted by the Central govt. to  the Supreme court on 7th April,2020 and an analysis by INDIA TODAY dated 9th april, 2020, the NGOs fed more people than govt. in 13 states and UTs. An estimated number of 84.26 lakh people have been provided meals across the country during the lockdown of which nearly 37% were fed by NGOs.

Apart from providing meals, NGOs across the country also opened relief or shelter homes for people to take refuge. In 6 states, NGOs were providing shelter  to more than 40% of the people who were housed in relief camps.

I consider it an onus to name a few and acknowledge them for their work, & I also feel keen inadequacy in naming them all. UMEED, SAFA, Give India, Goonj, Uttishta Foundation, Sharanarthi Seva, Khushiyaan Foundation, UDAY, Humanity First, The Swades Foundation, National Hawker Foundation, Oxfam India, Paras India & many more. They all have been doing praiseworthy work for the nation.


4.Individuals with a kind heart and social activism


I shall mention some of those numerous individuals who showcased their benevolence and kind-heartedness in this adverse time when it was much needed.


(i) Chaaya rani, who hails from dist. Bhatrak, Odhisha, grows vegetables in her 8 acre land and distributes it for free to  villagers because of lockdown. She has reportedly asserted to have distributed 10-12 quintal of vegetables till now; with special care to safety.


(ii) Guddi Rao, who hails from dist. Baragarh, Odhisha. He is a railway contractor, who on average feeds 600 people daily twice  for free including orphans and beggars; following physical distancing norms. Guddi rao, notwithstanding the fact that he's left with no work after 24th March, he started feeding the needy for free.


(iii) Tajamul & Mujaheeb - two brothers from Karnataka who sold their land to cater to the penurious.


(iv) Rafique, from Srinagar, who spent all his savings he had for hajj pilgrimage to help the needy.


5. Teachers

Well, this may sound as bogus and humdrum as their lectures or classes to most of the readers. But a little note of thankfulness to them as well.

Thank you teachers for giving us your precious time when you shouldn’t have.


6. Telecom sector


Believe me dude, no matter what you say, how hard you would have tried; these quarantine days would’ve been possible without their data packages for millenials.

A sector which was facing an odious crisis, conceived the lockdown as an advantage to reap some more revenue than usual, as the internet traffic increased from 15% to 30% during this lockdown.

So thanks to them(workers) by virtue of whom the millenials are able to binge watch several web series on netflix, prime etc. and many more activities as well.


7. Garbage collectors


A number of daily wage labourers who come to your doorstep to collect garbage are also doing a praiseworthy job as they put up a huge risk as well, likewise other aforesaid workers. So kudos to them.


8. Food & other essential providers


From soil to stomach, from farmer to kirana retailer; a huge round of applause for all those who are involved in this chain, so that the goods finally reach us.

Our farmers whose crops were harvested after lockdown, are facing huge difficulties and hurdles to sell off their output at a fair price. I wish and hope that all the trammels will be removed altogether and no distress would be caused.

Some kirana store shopkeepers found it to be corona positive by virtue of getting in contact with several customers.

I wish them speedy recovery.


9. Television broadcasting


How can one not mention the Ramayana- produced by Late Ramanand Sagar, when it comes to TV, which created a world record by amassing 7.7 crore viewers. The record must have astonished the hipsters.

Distress and mayhem might have engendered among those family members who experience difficulties putting up with each other in this quarantine, without TV, in my opinion.

So thanks to them. And special thanks to DD national for broadcasting my favourite Shaktimaan and many other retro serials.


10. Pharmaceutical industries and India post


How could we have fought against COVID-19 without medicines & their timely transportation.


The pharma industries in India are pulling out all the impediments to ensure that the production of medicines , essential in fighting  the coronavirus pandemic, does not suffer. In an unprecedented move, all major companies come together to help one another with knowledge  & sharing resources.


Capacity utilisation at an all- India level, relating to both small and big manufacturers is 60-70%, which is higher than in most other industries.


On the other hand, the India post, the world's largest postal service, is seldom perceived as a burden on Indian government; turned lifesaver during this lockdown by helping to deliver life-saving medicines during a nation-wide lockdown aimed at tackling the coronavirus pandemic.


So, these are the 10 sections, which in my opinion went underrated all this while.


Thank you for lending me your priceless time to read this blog out.

Hope you liked it.

Peace out!







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